Welcome to the home of The Vermont Gold Co.! We are excited to show you what the best cannabis growers and processors in Vermont can produce. The unique history of our mighty little state has created an environment were some of the best products are made. The dairy products and maple syrup that Vermont produces is some of the best in the world and our cannabis just as good. There are hundreds of years of growing experience between the growers we work with and represent. Let us show you what that quality looks like. Please enjoy our site and do not hesitate to contact us!

The Vermont Gold Co. is honored to work the growers that we do. It is because of their hard work and attention to their craft that gives us the ability to say we offer some of the finest cannabis the world has to offer. We want to elevate them and what they do. They come from all over our state and each has their own story to share. We are happy to be able to share them with you and please come meet them!

All of our flower and products have been completely tested to ensure safety and purity. You can find the cannabis we've used in our current selection here.